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Implementatie Enterprise Datawarehouse

It's a challenge to guarantee that each new part fits well into the bigger picture without compromising on the stability and performance

Back in 2013, Cloetta made the strategic decision to go for one ERP and one BI solution across all its regions. For the BI solution, one set of numbers and fact based management were defined as the key elements to support profitable growth. Since then, the BI competence Center has worked on implementing a state of the art and stable enterprise datawarehouse. 

At the start of its BI journey, Cloetta consulted Centennium for an expertise input on how to efficiently structure their new BI solution. Together they have developed the vision on the BI architecture. 

"This initial design is still in place and has evolved into a mature BI environment. Today we have a world class Enterprise Datawarehouse based on internal data from our ERP system and from other central applications. And now we are ready for the next challenge. There is loads of external and local data waiting for us to be made available for reporting". Sofie Hönen